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Otto Ritschl 1937

Museumsverein Otto Ritschl e.V./ Museum Association Otto Ritschl

The Association was founded in 1971 and manages the estate of the painter Otto Ritschl who passed away in 1976. According to the statutes, the goal of the Association is to look after the artist’s work and to make it accessible to the public.
This is the background to the cooperation between the Association and the Museum of Wiesbaden which began in 1994. The chairman, Professor Dr. Tom Sommerlatte, controls the Association’s activities and oganises its yearly member meeting. Further members include the treasurer Reinhard Claus, the custodian of the Wiesbaden Museum, Dr. Jörg Daur, and Felicitas Reusch. Peter Winter, supports the board with his professional contacts and experience. Wolff Mirus realised the catalogue raisonné.
The initiatives and activities of the Association focus on the expression of colour in Ritschl's paintings and their meditative effect. The artist's concern with spatial effects of colour links him not only to American color field painting but also to the work of a much younger generation of artists in Germany and Europe. With the proceeds from the sale of Ritschl's legacy the association was able to purchase a painting by Ad Reinhardt, one by Mark Rothko, one by Ulrich Erben, one by Kazuo Katase and one by Katharina Grosse, which were presented to the museum on long-term loan.


 Ritschl-Retrospective in Museum Wiesbaden 1998

  Dr. Alexander Klar, Director of the Museum Wiesbaden

Felicitas Reusch, member of the board










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